My Sh!t D*nt Stink!


It began on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Founders Philip Dahlheimer and Rob Shepler were on a mountain bike trip and while pondering the smell of the ripe groover. Philip joked that the groover smelled worst than any zoo he’s been in and dropped an off hand comment that he had a formula to stop this retched stink. He never thought that this would be an application.

Testing began.

The Grand Canyon is the perfect place to perfect a product like this and as fate would have it Rob had a private trip planned.

For the first time in the history of the Grand Canyon a boatman requested the groover boat much to his girlfriend’s horror. Rob wanted to have intimate access to that precious 200 pounds of poop for testing purposes.

In true scientific fashion, a control batch was established that did not have any Groover Tamer. What a difference.

It really works!

Rob and his soon to be wife, Betsy, even slept on the boat until that batch without Groover Tamer came on board. The entire group of sixteen began asking if there was enough left over Groover Tamer to treat that box. They couldn’t stand the stink any longer from that “off-the-shelf” crap. (no pun intended)

A Fun Company.

We decided to form a company that could be fun and Groover Labs, Inc. was established. When our graphics artist picked up on our philosophy of having a fun company she left a voicemail for Rob to check his e-mail. The company’s new package graphics were there and Molly stating that she certainly had fun with it. Our new poster child was born, Rob on the groover. “How come Philip gets to be in a raft, and I’m on the groover?”

Thanks for your business and happy grooving!